Sound Resource Management Studies and Reports

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  • Oregon Recycling Markets Price Cycles and Trends: A Statistical Search for Significant Economic Causes, October 2016
  • The Seattle Story – Resource Recycling Magazine, November 2015
  • QUIDPRO – Explanatory & Forecasting Model for Seattle Solid Waste Collection Programs
  • Evaluation of Climate, Energy and Soils Impacts of Selected Food Discards Management Systems, October 2014
  • Review of LCAs on Organics Management Methods & Development of an Environmental Hierarchy, February 2011
  • The Environmental Value of Metro Region Recycling for 2007, Metro Sustainability Center, Portland Oregon, June 2009
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Strategies with a Zero Waste Objective: Study of the Solid Waste Management System in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, June 2009
  • Environmental Impacts from Carpet Discards Management Methods: Preliminary Results.  October 2008
  • Environmental Impacts from Clean Wood Waste Management Methods: Preliminary Results.  September 2008
  • The Washington State Consumer Environmental Index (CEI): A Summary of the Development of a Tool to Understand and Support Consumer Choices That Have Preferable Environmental Outcomes. July 2007
  • Single-Family Residential Solid Waste Collection Practices in King County (WA) – Collection Program Characteristics and Best Practices for Waste Minimization and Diversion Maximization. December 2003
  • Comparison of Environmental Burdens – Recycling, Disposal with Energy Recovery from Landfill Gases, and Disposal Via Hypothetical Waste-to-Energy Incineration — San Luis Obispo County (CA) 2002
  • Summary Analysis of Household Set-Out Weights for Garbage, Recycling and Yard Debris in the City of Vancouver …June 2001
  • The Chicago Board of Trade Recyclables Exchange: Evaluation of Trading Activity & Impacts on the Recycling Marketplace…August 2000
  • Recyclables in the Wrong Can: A Lost Opportunity to Benefit the Economy and the Environment in Washington State…January 1999
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs: Recycle 2000 Task Force Baseline Report – excerpts…December 1998
  • Economic & Environmental Benefits of Beverage Container Recycling: The Case for Updating Massachusetts’ Bottle Bill…March 1998
  • Competition between Recycling and Incineration in Toronto…September 1996